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Maria Lax

Shoot and Edit Otherworldly Photos in Night Mode with Maria Lax | Apple

The much anticipated launch of a collaboration between Apple and Stem’s Maria Lax.

The exclusive Youtube tutorial from the Today at Apple team follows Maria around London while she gives tips and insights into how she shoots, using night mode on iPhone to demonstrate her unique photography style.

With over 2 Million views so far, click here to view.

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STEM is an artist management agency based in London, representing award winning and genre defining photographers and image makers for stills production and moving image.



Alex Lake


Alex Lake's intimate shooting style has made him the photographer of choice for many artists, celebrities and brands. With an art director's eye, and a complete understanding of the full creative process, he has the ability to work alone or on large scale productions.
Available for:
Music / Portraits / Advertising / Artwork / Reportage / Editorial
+44 (0)207 948 5566
Maria Lax


Originally from a small town in Northern Finland, Maria is now based in London. With a background in filmmaking, she is known for her use of colour, lighting and experimental camera techniques. Recent clients include British Telecom, Virgin Records, Panasonic and Maya Njie Perfumes
Available for:
Fashion / Music / Portraits / Beauty / Advertising
+44 (0)207 948 5566
Ben Oliver


Eisner-award nominated, Ben Oliver broke into comics with a brief stint at 2000AD before joining young publishing upstarts Com.X. Bens clients include both DC and Marvel Comics, commercial advertising clients include Adidas, VW, Toyota, and Ben also works within the computer games and commercial industries for concept artwork and storyboarding.
Available for:
Commercial Illustration / Portraits / Storyboarding / Character Development / Gaming Artwork / Editorial
+44 (0)207 948 5566


Full of story and influence, Puerto Rico born YSA Pérez is the kind of photographer who manages to capture the authentic, with vibrant colour and raw subject matter.

Her work ranges from candid photographs within the music, entertainment, editorial and fashion world.
Available for:
Fashion / Portraits / Lifestyle / Music / Editorial / Commercial / Natural Light / Film
+44 (0)207 948 5566


Max Raynor a.k.a. Pesky, has been illustrating for the last twenty years.

His versatility and sense of storytelling lends itself incredibly well to storyboarding, concept/character development and previews especially for the gaming, music and advertising industries.
Available for:
Storyboarding / Comics / Advertising / Gaming / Editorial
+44 (0)207 948 5566


World renowned director & photographer, Timothy Saccenti is a creative powerhouse, capable of creating iconic imagery that challenges the eye and mind.

Always experimenting and pushing light and technology beyond the realms of normality. One of the few artists where his stills and motion work are of equal measure. Timothy lives in New York City and works worldwide.
Available for:
Advertising / Sports / Music / Still Life / Editorial / Motion / Creative Direction
+44 (0)207 948 5566


Paul is a photographer full of positive energy who is able to engage and inspire his subjects and clients alike.

Paul works between the US and UK, shooting kids' fashion and lifestyle for well-known brands and magazines.
Available for:
Campaign / Portraits / Beauty / Still Life / Editorial / Broadcast / Motion
+44 (0)207 948 5566

Selected clients

  1. Adidas/
  2. Apple/
  3. ASOS/
  4. Converse/
  5. Coutts Bank/
  6. Def Jam Records/
  7. The Economist/
  8. Facebook/
  9. The Financial Times/
  10. The Guardian/
  11. GQ Magazine/
  12. The Independent/
  13. Instagram/
  14. Island Records/
  15. Nike/
  16. Nike SB/
  17. Parlaphone Records/
  18. Rolling Stone Magazine/
  19. The Sunday Times/
  20. SONOS/
  21. Vanity Fair/
  22. Warp Records/
  23. XL Recordings/

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